A first ever for British Athletics

A first ever for British Athletics

UK Athletics

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The Voice News paper attended the first ever special photographic exhibition to celebrate the significant contribution made by black and minority ethnic coaches to the sport.

Interviews by: @DredieMann
Camera: @NuffinLong

it's been a long it's been a long journey in terms of putting this together not wanting to really spill the beans to everybody but now the beans are sort of like being spilled and social media and everybody else and so much elite athletes are here sort of like showing love toward of these images it's absolutely fantastic it's worth its weight in gold you know I mean I put this together for my coach who passed away a few years back Aoki Lola who was instrumental throughout my career on and off the track so I know what all coaches from any walks of life how much effort they put into it but unfortunately those from a vein backgrounds do not get the recognition that they truly deserve and being Black History Month is the most offered best opportunity at the beetus to showcase them well I hope this event will kick-start a major recognition of what black athletes and coaches have contributed to the sport over many years and continue to do it's a first star to demonstrate the black contribution is an important one not just in running and entertaining us with the athleticism to the men and women in the boys and girls show but the background of the coaches who climbed these people to become the stars that entertain us on the track and field globally it's a really significant event if you say I mean went on the cleanse me and said yeah we should be Matthew in Black History Month I said yeah absolutely buddy right we should because of such an important part of our school how should we do it shad beside the Irwin well that's great let's get on with it and you know you walk in here and you see the pictures of these people you know Clarence can undermine the findings I'll have their names that I knew as a kid and you really and somehow it's strange that you need to see this to remember the impact those guys have had and continue to have so it's I'm really pleased to be part of it there are a lot of good cultures here that were good athletes but they're great culture and to be respected in their own hood and not taken as a second-class because England have their own suckin field dinner and dogs and they reward their coaches very well and we're always second always behind we should be on a level part but we are the workers we are the doors if you look at it most of these coaches develop the champion Olympic champion world champ itself included myself included and there's so many of us but then we look at the other side they do very good with young kids and sort of a demo wonderful touched up lavish dinner and we're never invited in me and in 40 years I've been in the sport right nothing like this has ever happened you know I remember competing age 18 I'm now 60 and I'm now coaching I've been coaching 30 years and nothing like this would ever happen but it's really good to see that the back you started to recognize black and ethnic minority coaches it's what we need every two years as world travelers shave em for years as Olympics so we need to do this we need to get together every two to four years like Donna David myself like we didn't get no handouts to do this to do this we just did it

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