48 Bowls drill

48 Bowls drill

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Bowls Australia -48 Bowls Drill
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we're turning our attention to two of the most important drawing skills tests or skills drills ones a random drill the 48 Bowl which I'm about to explain and the other ones more of a block test or repetition style it's important to probably get adequate practice at both block and repetition or random and random some randoms more like game-like so yeah things are always changing the length and different things which is a bit like the 48 by old drawing test we call it 48 because you end up playing 48 bowls you'll need four jacks or similar like that two jacks go on the maximum 2 meter marks at each end and two jacks on the minimum 23 meter marks as well start off with to trial ends and pick the side of the green that you're going to stay on for that entire drill it's very important like a game situation you get to trial ends before big important matches pick the size that you feel you can nail the center line get as close to the center line as possible the scoring is quite simple if you're finished with inside of mat length that is to three points three points inside a mat length if you're outside a mat length but inside to mat links and your Bowl is Jack high or path which is always important in a game situation that is two points if your ball however was to finish outside of a mat length but still inside – mat length but your bowl is short of Jack high that's only one point these are the ones we're trying to eliminate in a game situation because there's not as much value to the side so once you have established the side of the green you going to play in this situation Claire started on the forehand she's played to draw shots for the short Jack to draw shots for the long jack I mean any given day you might reverse it you might go to balls to the long Jack first two bars to the short Jack I've got my scorecard like we showed you an earlier drills I've marked my score for each Bowl I then just kick the two but on the other way in my jack and place my mat on the tee ready to start the drill in the opposite direction again because Claire's played for here in this way she'll go back and play back in the reverse way to to the short Jack into the long Jack good luck

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  1. And I'm a newbie who needs to practice, so this is perfect for me. Thanks for taking the time to post these.

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