2019 Great British Grand Prix: How Leclerc Has Evolved And More! | Jolyon Palmer Analysis

2019 Great British Grand Prix: How Leclerc Has Evolved And More! | Jolyon Palmer Analysis

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Bottas’ battle with Hamilton, Vettel’s collision with Verstappen and Leclerc 2.0 taking on Max… Jolyon Palmer has all the angles to evaluate a spectacular Silverstone race!

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41 thoughts on “2019 Great British Grand Prix: How Leclerc Has Evolved And More! | Jolyon Palmer Analysis

  1. Palmer is a real deal.
    I am new to f1 and learning tactical perspective of this sport in depth with such ease and comfort.
    Thank you F1 for bringing this sort of technical content.
    Thank you Palmer for insight and explaining this stuff very easily.

  2. I dont understand why they didnt pit Bottas again under the safety car. He had to stop again anyway so the benefit of the time saving was just as valid for him as anyone else. Pitting after the safety car instead of during the safety car just made the unfortunate timing of it that much worse for him.

  3. Vettel should be called the torpedo for the rest of the season and next year. same like he made kvyat look bad for years LOL

  4. Yet another commendable analysis from Palmer here. Huge props. Apart from the race highlights, these videos are the only ones in which I watch every single second from start to finish. What an absolute legend, thanks Palmer!

  5. Another awesome analysis Jolyon. Thanks! Bloody hell Haas need to get rid of Grosjean but if they are thinking of Ocon, I'd say Haas might want to review Ocon's bumper car driving at Force India.

  6. Fans after the race for the Grant Prix from France 🇫🇷. :
    "F1 is not fun anymore ". Is so boring 💤 ".

    Grant Prix owners from England and Austria : hold my contract papers 📄 and my beer 🍻"

  7. The only thing I dont understand is how the hell did that minor touching of the wheels cause both Haas to having to retire?

  8. How come some 2 bit crap driver like this plonker offer ANY intelligent analysis ?. 9 points in 35 F1 races – 2 races that any points were scored !. Commenting on the abilities of an ice cream cart would be more up your street Penalty Points Palmer. What a total muppet. You completely spoil the F1 channel with your inexperienced and ill informed diatribe.

  9. Would have preferred Hamilton to do the pass on track. I’m not complaining as I bet on Hamilton and Djokovic to win as a double

  10. Penalties should be for malicious moves and overly stupid mistakes, not honest mistakes. Yet SV gets penalized for his mistakes. I'm convinced SV's lost his edge and retire but I also think he was put in a very difficult situation in this case and the penalty was too harsh.

  11. Both times when Max has been rear ended has involved Max making a move under braking trying to cover a pass, I think this is going to happen more to him.

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