2018 British Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

2018 British Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

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The best action from second practice at Silverstone on a sweltering Friday.

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30 thoughts on “2018 British Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

  1. Just watched Hamilton come second in British grand Prix ! Well done Lewis ! ! But can someone please explain how formula one cars only hold 40 gallons of fuel and do 3 miles per gallon ,which is 120 miles ,and not refuel during this race and finish the race which is 190 miles ! ? ! ? I would genuinely love to know this answer ! ? I have watched all the cars pit and not one I seen refueled ? ?

  2. Lewis Hamilton ist nicht nur arrogant, sondern auch ein schlechter Verlierer … er schreckt nicht vor miesen Tricks zurück (Nico Rosberg weiß ein Lied davon zu singen) und nun benimmt er sich der Art mies seinen Fans gegenüber … armseelig.

  3. Can you make these longer please, 1min 36 seconds is ridiculously short. There must be more to talk about than that

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