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British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2012 – we hear from some of those who attended!

I always wanted to be at a formula one grumpy this is the best it can be I've actually got goosebumps just thinking about it amazing to be able to come to obviously the British Grand Prix it is very friendly it's a very open place it's a place that really captures the British imagination get goosebumps and everyone's cheering everyone's like chatting to each other there's no issues and he just can't wait so driver it's awesome just put it absolutely pudding everybody's happy everybody's getting on everybody's having a really good time Lee you've got a unique mix of people from all four corners of the country and beyond from overseas coming across for the race and that just creates a really an atmosphere must be stung too much an amazing sometimes all that Mexican we've seen to cancel standing away a rock I'm suffering and leathery skin altered people here absolutely love it they're not just fans they're absolutely fanatic there's nothing like that roar of a Formula One race car nothing even comes close I'll use the word orgasmo that takes me out over World you know the noise when something good happens you just feared his electrifying really is brilliant and what the weather is people are always happy that was cheering and it would just appreciate really good quality driving and a fun day really good day most enjoyable yeah good time yep the bravery games very exciting race and it seemed quite short actually and you know I couldn't believe it was over after 52 laps but great weekend you

5 thoughts on “2012 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX at Silverstone

  1. you were able to find a moment while the sun was shining and people not walking through mud! Should tell it how it is/was hasn't put me off and will be back again this year

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