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NO HEAT CURLSUSING PENS, SOCKS, TWISTS AND BRAIDS! Quick, easy, overnight curls that will make waking up in the morning that much easier 😀
*note that styles will have different outcomes based on hair thickness, length and natural hair*

hi guys so I am outside and it is freezing and snowing but anyway today I'm going to be teaching you guys how to do the four different curling methods for your hair without using any heat and they're all overnight curls so if you don't want to sleep on them I'd suggest leaving them in for about five to seven hours and that's pretty much it the four methods I will be doing are pen curls soft curls twist curls and just French braids so these polling methods i've used for about two to three years now and i love them all so i'm going to be showing you guys them today so that you guys can do them and pick with whatever ones you feel look the best and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do so let's go ahead and get started so you're going to start by placing the pen on the top with the tip facing backwards do one twist so that the tip faces the front and then start wrapping once it reaches the tip you're going to take the pen tip and push it through a piece of hair to keep it in place while still holding the hair you're going to place a pen cap on the tip to close it off and keep the hair in place and then you're going to take any kind of clips or bobby pins and pin the rest of the hair down you so now you're going to take a scarf mind the square so I had to fold it in half into a triangle and then you're going to take the two ends and tie it into two knots at the back of your head so that it'll hold while you sleep and you look kind of silly but it will look good in the morning you so you're going to want to put the sock on top of your hair after you've twisted your hair away from your face and then start rolling up once you've rolled it all the way just tie it in a regular knot and that's it you for the braids I have my hair damp rather than wet so that it gives it enough time to dry overnight so for this you're just going to be French braiding which is just a regular braid and every time the elder piece reaches the outside you add in a new piece when you reach the end you're just going to want to tie it off with a simple elastic now I'm pulling out all the outer sections giving it a more full look so that it won't be super crimpy in the morning I like to loosen the top just a bit so that when I take it out in the morning it won't be flat against my head after separating your hair into two separate sections you're going to want to twist them in the opposite directions around each other adding a strand to each piece every twist after twisting each side halfway down you're going to now want to twist them away from each other and start twisting them around each other after you've made this lovely beard you're going to want to tie it up with an elastic then you're going to slowly lift it on top of your head continue twisting and put it into a tiny little bun on the top of your head with the bun on top of your head you're going to want to take several bobby pins and push them in as well as taking clips to clip and hold down the bun that's it hope you enjoyed and found it helpful thanks for watching

43 thoughts on “❀ 4 OVERNIGHT NO HEAT CURL METHODS ❀

  1. You are so pretty!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you i really need Them 🤪(The curl hacks)😂😅💗

  2. Definitely gonna try the sock one!!! Thank you so much!!! And I love that song! One of my all time favorite.

  3. What I do is I split my hair in the part and twist both the sections all the way to the tips. Then get the sections, wrap them around your head and pin it in place. It is very comfortable to sleep in and gives u amazing waves, obviously depending the thickness, type etc.

  4. Lol… awesome vid! Great tips and tricks. Thanks for taking the time to do this. All of them had a wonderful and different effect. Flawless. Yoru hair is beautiful. You have inspired me to try the socks. Lol

  5. Thank you so much !!this was so helpful my hair is so damaged now I don't need a curling iron!!!Thank you!

  6. I just sat hear for 1 hour putting socks in my air and if it doesn’t work I’m going to be soo mad

  7. I think the socks curls looks the best and should be more comfy to wear to sleep. Also kinda straightforward and easy to do.

  8. I put my one in 4 tight braids and then leave it for 24 hours and done you could put some hair gel spray to keep its shape

  9. Thank you! It is just a Hair tutorial, but i don't know, your kind type just Made me Happy! Everyone who reads this, remember to Smile today 🙂

  10. i tried this hair hack tonight and Wow!! my hair is stuck in my pen lol 😂🤣 maybe i need your help❤🤦‍♀️

  11. Hello. I wanted to kindly remind you that I sent you a message about your video. Please read my previous comment. I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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